Macalloy launches new Stainless Cables products - 24/06/11 — Macalloy

Macalloy launches new Stainless Cables products - 24/06/11

by pwdale25 — last modified Fri, 24 Jun 2011

Fri, 24 June 2011

Macalloy will re-launch its stainless cable product range in June 2011. The new stainless cable range will include Macalloy’s original Guy Linking Architectural Cable System, alongside Macalloy’s new SC460 Architectural Cable System. The SC460 cable system builds on the success of the Macalloy S460 tension rod system, utilising the same clevis end-fixings in conjunction with tensioning adaptors and swaged threaded studs. All cables, and all cable components, are minimum grade 316 stainless steel.

Macalloy’s stainless cable systems offer a range of connecting components and tensioning options, which provides complete flexibility for fixing type and location of tensioning bolts. Macalloy has a long history of supplying tension cable systems from the ISO9001 accredited manufacturing facility based in Sheffield, UK. Macalloy Stainless cable systems can be used in a variety of applications. Some of the many uses to date include roof, canopy and bridge tensioning, chandelier and walkway suspension, structure support, and façade engineering and membrane structures.

 The Macalloy cable system is already in use in prestigious projects around the world including suspending the world largest chandelier, tensioning of arched bridges, in a truss formation to support an entrance canopy, and providing structural support to the Nokia Building in Sweden. Several hundred Macalloy Stainless Cable Systems have been supplied to the glass façade structure on the New Doha International Airport project.

The inclusion of the SC460 Architectural cable system in Macalloy’s stainless cable range re-affirms Macalloy’s position as a global leader in the manufacture and supply of bar and cable tension systems. Cable systems can be connected to structural steelwork or glulam systems using a variety of connection solutions. Whether standard components are required, or bespoke items tailored to suit the clients’ requirements, Macalloy has the know-how and experience to fulfil the customers’ cable needs.

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