Using Macalloy systems within Architectural Projects

Macalloy is a global leader in threaded tension steel bars and cable systems. Our products have been made in the UK for 100 years and are trusted worldwide, meeting the needs of the modern construction industry.

Our high-performance materials are regularly used within iconic projects globally. Learn about our products in action and see how they have supported the construction of impressive architectural structures.

Supplying Products to Construct the Iconic Marina Bay Sands

Marina Bay Sands is an impressive resort in Singapore, featuring the world’s largest infinity pool and a shopping, dining, leisure and business hub.

Front and centre at the resort is a stunning bayfront complex with a large canopy roof, which is support by our very own tie rods. The canopy roof is also suspended from upright steel poles using our tension bars.

Providing the Jewel Changi Airport Canopy Bridge Tension System

Singapore’s Jewel Changi is much more than just an airport – it’s a mixed-use development where visitors can enjoy gardens, attractions, retail facilities, dining and a hotel. The centrepiece is a canopy bridge suspended high in the sky above the whole complex, 23 metres from the ground.

Central to the construction of the canopy bridge is a stainless steel tension system and a spherical duplex ball, which allow the bridge to move in all directions, an important feature of its ambitious design and structure. We supplied both the tension system and duplex ball, along with matching nut and seating for the tension bars and ball nut, which were designed and engineered by our very own team. The result is a spectacle that provides tourists with a unique vantage point, creating the feeling of walking through the clouds.

Supplying Specialist Systems and Services for the Louis Vuitton Foundation Art Museum

The Louis Vuitton Foundation art museum in Bois de Boulogne, Paris, is a feat of contemporary architecture. Designed by Frank Gehry, it consists of 12 unique sails, 3,600 panels of exterior glazing and 19,000 custom Ductal panels.

Contributing to the construction of this impressive structure, we supplied a range of stainless steel tension bars in various sizes, along with special components engineered by our team. Our specialist in-house equipment was also called upon during the construction process and was used to tension the bars we supplied.

Contributing to the World’s Seventh Tallest Building: Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

When people think of iconic buildings in Dubai, the Burj Al Arab hotel will likely come to mind. As the seventh tallest building in the world, it stands at a height of 321m and can be seen from afar, given its distinctive location near Jumeirah Beach on its own private island.

In order to secure the vertical steel columns of the building, Macalloy post tension bars and tension rods were employed. 75mm post tensioning bars were also employed as anchor bolts, forming an important part of the project. In addition, our architectural tie bars were used in the Burj Al Arab’s fabric membrane wall, tensioning its membrane structure.

Please get in touch if you would like to know more about our threaded bars and cable systems, which can be used around the world.