Celebrating Over 30 Years with Macalloy

Tan Swee Tean has been an agent for Macalloy since 1989. Based in Singapore, he has been involved in many projects on behalf of Macalloy – from the iconic Marina Bay Sands luxury hotel to the famous Changi Jewel Airport.

Swee Tean’s favourite part of his job is meeting with architects, engineers and contractors, and proposing solutions for their projects. He also enjoys the travel and learning about new cultures, that the role provides opportunities of.

He can speak, read and write English and Malay and can speak Hokkien (a Chinese dialect common in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia) & Mandarin (just fluent enough to get a meal and a couple of beers).

Pictured is Swee Tean enjoying a beer while visiting a pub in the UK last year, alongside some of the many projects he has been involved with. Background Changi Jewel Airport, LH Side Marina Bay Sands and RH Side Clarke Quay.


Lauren Gray