Macalloy 1030 & S1030

Post Tensioning Bar


  • Fatigue resistant thread
  • Ideal for pre-stress concrete construction
  • Threaded to suit your requirements (fully and end threaded)
  • Can be cut to length on site
  • High impact resistance
  • Used for a variety of temporary and permanent constructions
  • Patented Macalloy thread allows low lock-off losses during stressing

Macalloy was the first company in the world to develop a post-tensioning bar system in the 1940s. The product has since evolved to include a unique fatigue-resistant thread form that provides low lock-off losses on stressing. 

The Macalloy 1030 and S1030 post-tensioning bar systems are high strength with superior fatigue properties. The Macalloy Post Tension bar provides an ultimate yield strength of 1030 N/mm2.

The Macalloy Post Tension bar is available in diameters from 25 to 75mm and lengths of up to 11.8m. Longer lengths can be achieved by joining bars together with couplers. Custom sizes are available on request.

The 1030 bar is a carbon chrome steel bar with high strength properties achieved by cold working or heat treatment.

The stainless-steel version (S1030) is a martensitic nickel-chrome alloy steel, hardened during the manufacturing process. Available in diameters 20 to 75mm and lengths of 6m. Longer lengths can be achieved by joining bars together with couplers. Custom sizes are available on request.

A range of accessories including nuts, washers, end plates and ducts can also be supplied.

For corrosion protection, Macalloy can supply bars with a factory applied Denso Tape. This is a grease impregnated tape, with technical and cost-saving benefits, over traditional duct and grout solutions.

Macalloy PT bars up to 50mm diameter carry the European CE marking and are approved to the requirements of European Assessment Document (EAD).

For more details of failing and proof loads of PT bar, stressing procedures and component dimensions please downloads the Macalloy Post Tensioning System brochure here.

The Foundation Anchor Bolt Solution for on-shore Wind Turbines

The benefits of using the Macalloy bar have been widely recognised across the construction industry and is now used extensively for wind turbine projects.

The high strength Macalloy steel bar, with excellent fatigue properties, is ideally suited to be used as wind turbine anchor bolts, in anchor bolt cages, in onshore concrete gravity-based foundations.

The Macalloy bar offers technical advantages over the standard 8.8 and 10.9 bolts currently used and can deliver significant cost savings.

The Macalloy bar has an ultimate failing load of 1035 N/mm2 and a fatigue detail category (kerbgruppe) of 80. It can be comfortably stressed to 70% (or even up to 80%) of its failing load during installation.

The higher strength and fatigue properties allow for smaller diameter, and/or fewer bars to be used in the foundation, allowing you to save money and reduce installation and maintenance costs too.

The Macalloy bars have excellent relaxation properties and low lock-off losses, helping to reduce installation time and eliminate or reduce the regular need to re-stress bolts after installation.

Corrosion Protection

The Denso tape solution provides significant advantages over the traditional duct and heat shrink tubing applications and is a more cost-effective solution. Denso tape provides guaranteed corrosion protection, for well over the usual maximum 30 years design life of an onshore wind turbine.

We can offer duct and accessories for grouting purposes, and also offer alternative solutions for corrosion protection of exposed ends.

For more details on the bar diameters, failing and proof loads, fatigue performance, contact our technical team or download our brochure here.