Macalloy S650 Stainless Threaded Bar


  • Stainless steel fully threaded corrosion resistant anchor for use as Soil nail Rock bolts and Ground Anchors
  • Robust cold rolled thread preventing site damage during installation.
  • High Strength 316 stainless steel (1.4401) providing exemplary corrosion resistance
  • Standard fittings in stainless steel, bespoke sizes available

Please feel free to download our NEW brochure for the Macalloy S650 stainless steel fully threaded anchor here. This development of the stainless steel anchor system matches the requirements of modern anchor design whilst giving you the benefit of the Macalloy world beating technical support and international distribution network.

Macalloy are world renown for the supply of high quality bar systems for post tensioned concrete, Piling tie bars and architectural tension structure tendons; more information is available at

Macalloy S650 has a wide range of applications

  • Embankments stabilisation
  • Tunnelling
  • Underpinning
  • Mini Piles
  • Seismic
  • Wind turbines

S650 is a natural development of the Macalloy bar systems, providing a high-quality high strength fully threaded stainless steel bar for use in geotechnical and concrete applications. S650 combines the benefits of the Macalloy coarse thread with the high durability performance of stainless steel. it is available in sizes from 16mm to 50mm, ensuring that the full range of applications are covered.

The bar performs equally well as a Rock Bolt or a Soil Nail and as a Holding Down Bolt or a Mini Pile.

Manufactured from high strength stainless steel with a minimum characteristic yield strength of 650N/mm2 its available in 316 and grade 304 on request. The coarse thread has exceptional bond characteristics which with the full strength nuts provide a high capacity anchor system.

Durability of stainless steel is well known so the worries about variability of corrosion rates or damage to coating systems can be forgotten. Macalloy Stainless S650 really is a “Fix and Forget” solution.

Macalloy’s unique manufacturing facilities allow this bar to be produced in standard 6m lengths however lengths up to 12 m are available by special arrangement