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CNESST Headquarters, Quebec

At Macalloy, we’re proud to be playing our part in the shift towards a more sustainable future for global construction. As such, we are committed to increasing the number of LEED-certified projects we work on.

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is a globally-recognised symbol of sustainability and environmental leadership. LEED-certified buildings are proven to save money, improve efficiency, reduce carbon emissions and create healthier places for people.

The Commission des Normes, de l’Equité, de la Santé et de la Sécurité du Travail (CNESST) has its headquarters in the city of Quebec in Canada. CNESST is tasked by the Quebec government to support businesses and employees by upholding workplace standards in fairness, health and safety. The organisation promotes employment law, occupational health support and offers mediation and legal advice.

In 2018, ground broke on a large new headquarters for CNESST, which was to accommodate 1850 workstations over eight floors, with a total area of 34,500m2. The contemporary building, which was completed in 2021, has added appeal and prestige in an area of Quebec City dedicated to rejuvenation.

The consortium was led by Quebec-based firm Coarchitecture, while LEMAYMICHAUD led on architecture and interior design. The building is designed to meet the certification LEED v4 criteria, which provides ecological site development, effective water management and high standards in energy efficiency.

It also uses materials which adhere to the Quebec Wood Charter. The Charter is a policy designed to assist the Quebec forestry industry, by promoting the use of wood in construction, with a view to achieving sustainable development. The building maximises natural light and supports the well-being of staff through the provision of relaxation areas and social spaces.

Macalloy supplied M24, M30 & M76 galvanised tension rods which can be seen in these stunning videos of the building. The bars are present throughout the structure.

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