Suspended Staircases

This is just one of many applications that the Macalloy Tension System Range can be used in, and is a current trend with designers to use Tension Bars and Cables to support suspended staircases.

Customers can choose from a variety, and range of finishes, including a polished stainless steel to complement the existing surrounding architecture. Alternatively, if a more bespoke finish is required, we can offer a painted solution based on the customers’ requirements.

Having a suspended staircase has its benefits – not only is it space saving, it can also help make the area brighter – allowing light to flood in, and can reduce components and installation costs. Tension Bars become an integral part of the design aesthetically as well as a structurally.  From an installers point of view, the advantages are ease of assembly, along with no secondary steelwork required, both allowing for potential reduced costs.

Macalloy M20 460 grade bars in carbon steel with cross coupler assemblies, supporting the stairs and roof. The contrast between the black painted bars and the machine finished steel looks fantastic!!  Photo courtesy of Bently Heritage Estate Distillery, Nevada, USA.


Photo on main Blog page of Mariinsky Theatres – read more here –


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