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Macalloy Tension Rod Systems – ETA 21/0053

UKTA-22/0012 – Tension Rod System
Carbon 460/520 – Stainless S460/S520

Macalloy Post Tensioning Systems – ETA 21/0054

UKTA-22/0013 – Macalloy 1030 Post Tensioning System
– Carbon 1030

Factory Production Control (FPC) Certificate
CE 1090- EXC3 – 0809-CPR-21004864

BBA – Quality Management System
BS EN ISO 9001:2015 – 18/Q058

Forestry Commission – Wood Packaging Certificate – FC0862

Factory Production Control (FPC) 460-520 System

Factory Production Control (FPC) 1030 System

Macalloy not only have the European Assessment Document (ETA) approvals on the 1030 systems, but also hold a French approval ASQPE – N° MC (D)-9 for the sizes 26.5mm, 32mm and 36mm on the Fully Threaded bars.

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