The Macalloy brand is synonymous with quality, and we have comprehensive quality management systems and processes in place to ensure every product is manufactured to the same high standard our customers expect.

Our quality standards mean that we are approved to supply products for:

  • Residential and office buildings
  • Large-area roof structures overhanging places of public assembly/stadiums
  • Buildings with more than 15 floors
  • Pedestrian and bicycle bridges
  • Roadway bridges
  • Railway bridges
  • Fairground rides
  • Towers and masts including antenna support structures
  • Crane tracks
  • Cylindrical towers such as steel smoke stacks
  • Canopies / Facades / Crane Bases / Mining Conveyors and Stackers / Wharfs / Tunnel Walls / Floating or Hanging Staircases

Approvals and certifications.

Our quality assurance system complies with the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001:2015 as well as the FPC requirements of BS EN 1090 to a level 3 execution class.

For our Macalloy 1030 systems, we hold a European Technical Approval 210054 which has been created against the EOTA European Assessment Document EAD 160004-00-0301.

To meet the requirements of EAD 160004-00-0301, a factory production control test plan is in place. It is a prerequisite of EAD 160004-00-0301 that bars comply with the preliminary European standard prEN 10138.

Macalloy Tension Rod systems also have their own European Technical Approval 210053, which has been mapped against the requirements of the EOTA European Assessment Document EAD 200032-00-0602. We also have factory production control (FPC) plans in place for these systems.

Both ETA21/0053, ETA21/0054 and BS EN ISO 9001 : 2015 accreditations are audited bi-annually by our notified approval body, British Board of Agrément (BBA).

Bars and fittings are routinely tested in accordance with the factory production controls which have been put in place to meet ETA requirements. We also have on-site facilities to load test tendon assemblies up to 2500kN.

Our carbon footprint

Macalloy is committed to buying ‘green steel’ to help protect our environment and reduce carbon emissions. Our manufacturing process is based on recycled steel scrap and a Nordic fossil-free electricity mix. As a result, the carbon footprint of our steel bar is a full 80 percent lower than the global average.

Helps us build better

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