Sheet Piling Tie Bar

The Macalloy Sheet Piling Tie Bar System is available in four different yield strengths from 460 to 700N/mm2. Thread diameters from M42 to M105 are available as standard, with larger thread diameters available as special orders.

Benefits of Macalloy
Sheet Piling Tie Bar System.

  • Ideal for use in retaining wall applications and marine environments
  • Cold rolled thread to reduce potential crack propagation
  • In-house application of Denso coating and protection
  • Variety of bespoke fittings to suit most applications

Bars come in lengths of to 11.8 metres. Longer lengths can be achieved through the use of couplers, turnbuckles or other joints.

For corrosive environments, Macalloy can provide a range of protection solutions including galvanising and Denso tape wrapping. Denso Tape is a grease-impregnated tape which offers technical and cost advantages over traditional duct and grout or sacrificial corrosion methods.

We also offer a complete range of accessories.


  • Washer plates
  • Bearing plates
  • Anchor plates
  • A wide range of bespoke plates

End Terminations

  • Standard Nut, Washer and Plate end anchorage
  • Spherical nut anchorage
  • Fork and/or spade connections


  • Articulated joints
  • Turnbuckles and couplers

Product names in this range relate to the yield strength:

  • TB460 – 460N/mm² yield strength
  • TB520 – 520N/mm² yield strength
  • TB590 – 590N/mm² yield strength
  • TB700 – 700N/mm² yield strength

Higher capacity bars are available on request.

For more details on the yield load, ultimate load, permanent and temporary working load, tension resistance and weight of bars along with standard component dimensions, download the Macalloy Sheet Piling Brochure or contact a Macalloy agent today to discuss sheet piling tie bar systems.

Waling Bolts.

Waling Bolts are used to connect a waling beam to a sheet piling wall. Waling bolts are available in all standard metric thread diameters up to M105 and are available in strengths to match your tie bars.

For more details, download the Macalloy Sheet Piling Tie Bar Brochure.

Our Projects

Our supply chain continues to expand via an international network of Macalloy agents and distributors, ensuring continued growth in the global market.