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Kraków Bridge, Poland

The E30 railway line is an important passenger and freight route, and part of the pan-European transport corridor that connects Ukraine with Poland and Western Europe.

As part of a wider investment programme, the line between the Kraków Główny and Kraków Płaszów stations was earmarked for modernisation to bring it up to international standards. The new railway, pedestrian and cycle pathway bridge is over the Vistula River in Krakow. Comprising of nine arches, the bridge utilises the unique “lattice” design first introduced in the Troja bridge project to reduce the arch height and give a more slender appearance. Completed in 2023 with the Austrian contractor Strabag, this structure featured M76, M85 and M90 tendons which successfully passed a fatigue test to Detail Category 84 and Stress Range of 104MPa.

Aknowledgement to Wojciech Radwanski for the finished photos of Krakow bridge

Our distributor, BBR Polska, supplied Macalloy 460 system in M76, M85 & M90 diameters. To ensure the system performed under high fatigue, our technical department designed special fittings and the system was successfully tested by the Railway Institute in Warsaw.

Images © PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe S.A.








Bogusław Pilujski + team (Strabag)

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