Stainless Cables

The Macalloy SC460 is an extension of the Macalloy Tension System, available in stainless steel. The cable system utilises the same Macalloy fork end as the accompanying tension structures range of tension bars and compression struts, allowing for combinations of all three systems.

Benefits of Macalloy
Stainless cables.

  • Can be coiled for transport to reduce cost
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install on-site
  • Can be threaded directly into steelwork
  • Can be used to span long distances

Macalloy SC460 Stainless Cable

The cables used permit a conventional elongation. The elongation of the cable length can be between 0.10 and 0.75%, depending on the magnitude and frequency of loading. This must always be considered in the design of the structure.

Macalloy offers three types of cable:

1X19 spiral strand has moderate initial stretch properties. All the cable adapter fittings are designed to match the minimum breaking load of the 1×19 cable.

Compact Strand has a higher breaking load, along with a lower initial stretch, than the 1×19 strand cable and is available in most diameters.

7×19 strand is the most flexible cable and is ideal where this property is paramount.

Standard Components
SC460 Tendons

The fork and pin components or the system are all made from austenitic or duplex stainless steel. The swaged fittings are factory swaged to both ends or the cable and the strength of the connection exceeds the break load of the cable.

Pin set bodies above SPA24 may be in martensitic stainless steel. The system Is designed to match the minimum break load of the 1×19 strand cable. If fittings are required to match the minimum break load of the compact strand, please seek advice from the Macalloy technical department.

Connection Plates

All forks may be connected to either carbon steel or stainless steel connection plates with an equivalent strength to BS EN 10025 grade S275 or Grade 316 to BS 970.

Where carbon steel plates are used, isolation sleeves and washers may be required to prevent bi-metallic corrosion.


All components are finished in a Grit 220. (N3) polished finish. Other finishes are available on request. Please contact a member of the sales team.

For full details on the break loads, cable types, elastic stretch and component dimensions, download our brochure.

Our Projects

Our supply chain continues to expand via an international network of Macalloy agents and distributors, ensuring continued growth in the global market.