pont schumann bridge macalloy tension structures
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Pont Shuman, Lyon, France

Products used: Macalloy Tension Bars, special M90 fork, M85 diameter bars

Background: : A elegant double-arched bridge spanning the River Saone in Lyon, France. The award-winning crossing, designed to ease congestion on the city’s existing bridges, creates a dramatic piece of sculpture with the twisted arches. Theses arches act as the primary structural element, which are highly detailed and presented technical challenges in both the design and fabrication.

Macalloy involvement:  Macalloy Tension Bars were used in the construction and Macalloy engineers worked with the steel fabricators, to design a special M90 fork end with the M85 diameter bars, allowing for a spherical bearing. This was to allow for additional misalignment, required for the design of the bridge.

The steel Tension Rods were tensioned using Macalloy’s Techno-Tensioner device which enables on-site stressing of Tension Rods








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