Site Services

From your first design to project completion, our team of experienced engineers are on hand to answer your technical enquiries, assist with your project and develop solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Benefits of Macalloy
Site Services.

  • Using Macalloy trained engineers
  • Comprehensive records provided on completion
  • Installation assembly guides available
  • Worldwide assistance
  • Bespoke Techno-Tensioner for increased accuracy and higher loading
  • Tailored training to meet your project requirements
  • CSCS Site approved operatives
  • Installation supervision Load testing

Equipment Hire & Purchase

Macalloy can provide equipment to support product stressing, including strap wrench, chain wrench and hydraulic jacks and the Macalloy Techno-Tensioner.

Technician Site Visits

We can provide on-site personnel to carry out tensioning of all Macalloy products. We can also deliver on-site training for this.


We provide assembly and installation instructions for all our products, as well as stressing records for onsite use. Further guidance and support can be provided, and we can also develop bespoke systems for stressing any ‘out of the ordinary’ structures.


We offer installation for tension rods and cables. Our team carry out a pre-site visit to discuss feasibility, risk assessment and sequencing.

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Our Projects

Our supply chain continues to expand via an international network of Macalloy agents and distributors, ensuring continued growth in the global market.