victoria shopping centre Sydney, Australia. macalloy tension bars
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Queen Victoria Shopping Centre, Sydney, Australia.

Products used: Macalloy Tension Bars & Tie Bars

Background: The Queen Victoria Building (QVB) has been around since the late 1800s, and throughout that time it has been through a number of extensive renovations. In 2008, restoration efforts resumed. If a building is on the New South Wales Heritage Register, the original features must be preserved because of their historical significance. Macalloy products used in the historic structure were required to meet specific criteria in order to enhance the beauty of the restoration. The goal was to make sure Macalloy products complemented the aesthetics of the structure without detracting from the original quality elements. The success of this makeover relied heavily on the use of cutting-edge engineering techniques and complementing modern materials in a Heritage building.

Macalloy involvement :The roof structure was strengthened with additional steelwork and central elevators were suspended from the roof using Macalloy tie bars. This design approach negated the need for supporting columns and the original ornate flooring could remain undisturbed.

Macalloy tension bars







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