Interact Structural Fire Protection

Interact Structural Fire Protection products are highly durable and are perfect for external and internal use with beautiful aesthetic finishes. Our Easy-Over, Retro-Fit and Hinge Casting system provides up to 2 hours fire protection to Tension and Suspension Rods.

Benefits of
Interact Structural
Fire Protection.

  • Very high decorative cast finish.
  • No visible joints.
  • Impact resistance of epoxy fire protection.
  • Installation does not require a specialist fire protection contractor
  • Shorter site time.
  • Less obstruction to other trades.
  • Expected life time 50 years.
  • Up to 20 years to first maintenance to both internal and external environments.

Easy-Over Solution

In order to mitigate some of the costs of manufacture and installation, Interact Structural Fire Protection have designed a system of manufacture which does not require the casting to be split. The casting can be installed onto the rod without any adhesive and no further fitting.

The reduced manufacturing costs benefits proactive decision making on the type of fire protection required, whether highly decorative or fire protection only. The installation requires nothing more that the castings being slipped onto the rod and jointed and finished. The tension rods are then delivered and installed on site. The fork castings are then adhered to the fork assembly to complete final installation.

The ‘Easy-Over’ system has a UK and European Certificate of Grant.

United Kingdom Patent Publication No. 2604169

European Patent Publication No. 4060138

Retro-fit Solution

Using its substantial experience with casting technology, Interact Structural Fire Protection has manufactured castings for fitting directly to tension rods. The process produces a superb finish to match anything the industry has to offer. However, the installation of the “Retrofit” system is based on two halves being directly (adhered) to the rod using the same material as that for casting manufacturer, i.e. epoxy intumescent. As this is described by industry as a coating, it is possible to use the data provided by the manufacturer to establish compliance with the required standard.

Fixing and decorating two half shells, approximately one metre long provides a extremely high aesthetic finish ( like the easy over system ) that is preferred by Architects.

The “Retro-Fit” system of manufacture and installation is a known technology. Interact Structural Fire Protection has been manufacturing and installing castings for over fifteen years. Specifically tested small diameter rods in tension and suspension.

The Easy-Over system is specifically tested to BS476 and is patent protected in the United Kingdom – Publication No. 2604169 and in Europe – Publication No. 4060138. From Easy-Over to Retrofit whatever the design requirement Interact Structural Fire Protection provides design solutions to suit commercial, educational and iconic buildings to your requirements. For further information on Easy-Over or Retro-Fit Fire Protection, contact our technical team,

For validation and qualification data, download our data sheet.

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