A,Bridge,Crossing,The,Okavango,River Okavango-Delta-Brdige-Mohembo-Botswana-completed-scale-1
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Okavango Delta Bridge, Mohembo, Botswana

Products used: Macalloy supplied 50mm 1030 Post Tensioning Bars with Denso tape (to prevent corrosion), for the foundation base to hold down the framework of the main towers.

Background: The Unique feature of the bridge is the 54 m  high pylons which , are designed to resemble elephant tusks . With a length of 1,161 metres, the bridge is the longest in Botswana. It features two lanes, two pedestrian walkways and measures 12.5 metres in width. It is the first bridge constructed over the Okavango River, which is part of the Okavango Delta, the 1000th World Heritage site.

Macalloy involvement:  Macalloy’s site team also provided training on how to safely stress the bars

A,Bridge,Crossing,The,Okavango,River Okavango-Delta-Brdige-Mohembo-Botswana-completed-scale-1




Okavango Delta River



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