Macalloy S460 Bar System

Macalloy S460 is an austenitic stainless steel system, selected from high strength stainless steel to provide the optimum balance of strength, durability and appearance. Austenitic stainless steel has excellent charpy v notch impact properties.

Macalloy S460
Stainless Bars.

Macalloy S460 bar has the following mechanical properties:

  • Minimum Yield Stress 460 N/mm2
  • Minimum Breaking Stress 610 N/mm2
  • Minimum Elongation 15%
  • Minimum charpy Impact Value 27J @-20°C
  • Nominal Young’s Modulus 190 kN/mm2

The system comes as standard in diameters M10 to M76. Bars are available in standard lengths of 6m. Longer lengths are available by request.

Adjustments within each fork or spade are:

  • M10 to M56: +/- 1/2 thread diameter
  • M64 to M100: +/-25mm

Turnbuckles give additional adjustments of:

  • M10 to M24: +/-25mm
  • M30 to M100: +/-50mm

Stainless Finish

All components of the Macalloy S460 bar system are supplied, as standard, with a Grit 220 (N3) polished finish. On request, Macalloy can supply higher quality finishes (electro polished. glass bead finish etc). Please discuss your requirements with our sales team.


When the Macalloy S460 stainless steel system is joined to carbon steel gusset plates, it is recommended isolation is used. Macalloy can offer isolation sleeves and washers to avoid bi-metallic corrosion.

Use of Stainless in Chlorine Environments

Macalloy has considerable experience of using stainless steel in a chlorine environment and can offer advice on specific grades for such applications. For further information, please contact the Macalloy Technical Department.

European Approval

The Macalloy S460 system has European CE approval under the ETA 21/0053 for all standard diameters from M10 and M76. When specifying, always ask for CE approved systems.

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