Tension Bars

Since the early 1980s, the architectural range of tension bars have grown in popularity providing designers an opportunity to offer contemporary designs and solutions.

The lighter carbon and stainless bars are used in lightweight canopies, facades and suspended structures. The high strength bars provide support for bridge decks, in bolstering bridges the good fatigue properties of the bar are an important design feature in road, tram and pedestrian bridges alike.

Benefits of Macalloy
Tension Bars.

  • Fatigue resistant rolled thread
  • Available in 460N/mm2, 520N/mm2 and now a 550N/mm2 strength for both carbon and stainless
  • All products compliant with ETA21/0053 and CE compliant
  • Bars and fittings can be supplied primed or painted and/or hot dipped galvanised to BS1461:2009
  • Bespoke fittings can be designed to suit customer applications
  • Technical literature is available with design calculations and loadings to EC3
  • Macalloy engineers are always available to help

In the 1980s Sir Norman Foster was commissioned by the French car company Renault to design a hightech building for their UK operations the brief was to maximise the internal space by hanging the roof using external bracing the building now a grade II listed building went on to win numerous design awards and began a trend in wide span structural design using Macalloy Tension Structure products.

Macalloy tension bar range includes a 460N/mm2, 520N/mm2 and the new 550N/mm2 [ETA pending] available in carbon and stainless steel.

All systems are 9001 accredited and approved to European technical approval ETA21/0053, providing the CE certification. Carbon bars can be supplied primed ready for paint or hot dipped galvanised to BS EN 1461 – 2009 all fittings (forks, pins, turnbuckles, couplers and lock covers) are supplied with a galvanised coating.

Fittings are designed to give the maximum amount of flexibility and adjustment, special fittings can be designed to suit customer requirements.

Cast fittings are UT and MPI tested in accordance with European technical approval – ETA21/0053.

Technical literature is available with design calculations and loadings to design code EC3 our technical team is always available to assist with specification, installation and design.

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