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Urban Oasis, London, UK.

Products used: Macalloy Stainless Cables

Background: We have had the immense pleasure  in being involved in the construction of many of the world’s most incredible and iconic structures.

However, they don’t get much more exciting and unique than the award-winning eco-sculpture Urban Oasis.

Designed by the cutting-edge architect Laurie Chetwood, this 12-metre-high kinetic structure is designed to demonstrate sustainable energy production within an urban setting.

The sculpture mimics the design of a growing flower, with photovoltaic ‘petals’ which open when exposed to the sun.

Macalloy supplied Stainless Cables for this highly innovative piece of modern art

It uses light to generate power, with additional power sourced from a hydrogen fuel cell and wind turbine. It also uses harvested rainwater for irrigation and cooling, making it fully self-sufficient. At night, the whole structure is transformed into a spectacular light sculpture. 

The sculpture was originally presented to the residents of Clerkenwell Green during London’s Architectural Biennale 2006, and as part of National Architecture Week. The aim was to create a 21st century urban version of a tranquil, desert oasis, enabling people to get away from the noise, pollution and bustle of city life, and giving them a quiet space to relax and reflect during their busy day.

The base of the structure is surrounded by five hooded ‘pods’, big enough to house a person in each. The pods will provide tranquil isolation for the occupants, with cleaner, cooler air and relaxing sounds. Surrounding the pods will be five ‘roots’, which hold the structure up.

Traditionally, an oasis offers a refreshing meeting place where travellers can rejuvenate, get water, share information and be entertained. The five roots are each themed to provide these same key oasis ingredients. The first is a garden of aromatic plants, providing a lush environment in the heart of the city. The second stores collected rainfall. Epitomising the definition of an oasis, this water is also used to irrigate the plants and cool the air in the pods. The third embodies a meeting place for friends to gather and chat, or sit on the benches skirting the giant ‘root’. The fourth shelters a space where passers-by can come and get information, while the fifth exposes a space for performers to take to the stage and entertain.

Urban-Oasis-Eco-Sculpture-Clerkenwell-Green-London Macalloy tension struts







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