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Reflective Flow Chandelier, Qatar

Products used: Macalloy Stainless Steel Cables


Have you ever wished you knew which chandeliers were the most magnificent in the world?

Well amongst the many, Reflective Flow is surely one of them and it is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records to be the world’s biggest interactive chandelier, a significant honour indeed.

Reflective Flow is in the Al Hitmi’s Property Development building in Doha, Qatar.
It is made up of 55,000 individual LEDs and thousands of optical crystals, creating a magnificent light display. In 2010, the Qatari firm commissioned the work of Scottish designer Beau McClellan. In terms of dimensions, it stands at a height of 5.8 metres, a width of 12.5 metres, and a length of 38.5 metres.
An optical light sculpture that changes colours and lights throughout the day, Reflective Flow is much more than just a chandelier creating one of the most spectacular light sculptures across the globe. Its installation necessitated meticulous preparation due to it weighing almost twenty tonnes, and its strategic placement in the atrium between two buildings. The Installation was a time consuming, and complex process given it was suspended from a glass atrium.

Macalloy Involvement: The structure was suspended using stainless steel cables supplied by Macalloy, and a team of other specialist professionals skilfully fitted the chandelier with ultimate precision given there was no margin for error.







Beau McClellan

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