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London’s New Sewage System

Products used: Macalloy 1030 bars


The sewage system in London, which dates to the Victorian era, is insufficient for the city’s enormous population today. Given increasing demand and the need to clean up the rivers a 25-kilometer-long tunnel under the river Thames is being constructed by the company Tideway in London, This project will improve the city’s sewage infrastructure and divert it from the river. It commenced in 2015 and is expected to conclude in 2025.

Macalloy Involvement:

One of the several vertical tunnels has been the focus of our Macalloy site service crew, who have been utilising our post-tensioning equipment on M40 1030 bars with nuts and washers, to prepare the concrete slab for lifting.

A total of 48 Macalloy 1030 bars were embedded and bolted into the concrete and each one post-tensioned to a force of 97 tonnes to enable the huge, purpose-built crane to lift the concrete slab weighing 1200 tonnes to cover the opening.

It is a remarkable feat of engineering, and we are grateful to Tideway London for letting us showcase the development at the construction stage.








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