munich airport using Macalloy Tie Rods/Tension Bars
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Munich International Airport, Germany

Products used: Macalloy Tie Rods/Tension Bars

Background: Munich International Airport is the second busiest airport in Germany and flies to 248 destinations worldwide, handling more than 28 million passengers per year. It has two passenger terminals and two parallel runways, both 4,000 metres in length.

Macalloy involvement: A range of tie rods and tension bars are present throughout Munich airport, facilitating many aspects of the airport design.

As the airport has evolved over the years , it has seen many new developments. One of these is the Airport Centre which has a number of retail, leisure and business facilities. This centre provides a large covered area linking terminals 1and 2. The construction of the vast canopy was supported by Macalloy tension bars, which were tensioned on site by the Macalloy Techno-Tensioner.

Macalloy tie rods, which are anchored to the ground tensioning steel upright posts, help suspend the roof structure from above.

munich airport using Macalloy Tie Rods/Tension Bars







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