Macalloy Dubai International Airport UAE
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Dubai International Airport, UAE

Products used: Macalloy Tie Rods/Tension Bars


The second terminal is capable of handling 15 million passengers, allowing the airport to handle 89.1 million passengers a year, ranking the third busiest airport in the world.

Dubai International manages connections between 260 destinations worldwide and employs more than 90,000 in the main airport.

Macalloy involvement:

A series of tie rods and tension bars were used in the construction of this suspended concourse, built purposely to link two areas of the airport together. The products supplied by Macalloy were integral to the airport design.

Macalloy tie rods are used to suspend a concourse linking two terminals. The whole structure is suspended by Macalloy tie bars from two steel stations. The site services team were required for on-site stressing of the tension bars, to oversee correct installation.

Macalloy tension bars are also used as bracing within the steel structure. .

Macalloy Dubai International Airport UAE







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