Niagara Falls International Airport, New York USA
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Niagara Falls International Airport, New York USA

Products used: Tie rods/tension bars

Background: Many North American International airports are highly congested but Niagara is an exception. It has three active runways, the largest of which is over 10,000 ft long. The airport accommodates many forms of aviation which, include general, military and commercial flights. Since it’s original build dating back to 1928 , it has experienced a great deal of expansion and renovation. The decade of the 1970’s saw the expansion of the east terminal and the construction of the new west terminal. By 1997, the increasing demand led to a new terminal, providing 15 gates , while the original builds were fully demolished. Then in 2009, a state of the art terminal was constructed which covered 69,500 square feet over two storey’s to facilitate Jet bridges. Increased parking , landscaping, and new technologies improved the passenger experience and provided a modern airport.

Macalloy involvement: Macalloy tie rods/tension bars were used to support the lightweight roof structure, creating a sense of light and space, in the design. The products supplied by Macalloy were integral to the airport design.

The Macalloy tension bars, painted white for this project are tied back to central columns allowing for a lightweight, large span roof. The roof has been designed in such a style, that it is meant to reflect the flow of the Niagara Falls rapids.

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Architect & Engineer

Stantec, Canada


New York, USA

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