Witry Suspentes France Bridge 2022
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New Witry Bridge, Reims , France

Products used: Architectural Compression Struts


You will be familiar with the phrase “Out with the old and In with the new “So this well-known coined expression is pertinent when it comes to the replacement of the old Ponte de Witry Bridge in Reims France. Built originally in 1935, the wear and tear sustained did not make it a viable project for repair, and this famous landmark was demolished in March 2022.

Much of the old materials from the demolition will be used in the new bridge now currently in construction which will see the addition of wide lanes for both cyclists and pedestrians.

The photos show that the new bridge’s appearance has similarities with the original but instead, it’s been transformed into a modern bridge with steel to construct the arches, rather than the original concrete materials.

Although this design is considered a standard arch bridge design covering a span of 66 m with vertical hangers, what makes this bridge unique is the use of vertical compression struts.

Overall, Compression struts are structural elements that play a crucial role in applications by resisting compressive forces, preventing buckling, and ensuring the structural integrity and stability of structures.

However, for this project, the 14 Macalloy adjustable architectural compression struts acted solely in tensioning. They were used as hangers to support the bridge deck from the upper arch of the structure.

As part of the finished product, the struts were galvanized and painted on-site by our client.

Another unusual feature of this bridges construction is that the structure of the bridge including the struts was fabricated and assembled away from the actual site and slotted into place with specialist equipment, as can be seen in the video below.

Thanks to Emmanuel Denny of Eiffage Metal who supplied the photograph of the new bridge in construction.

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