Wind Turbine Foundation Anchor Bolt, Uljabuouda, Sweden.
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Wind Turbine Foundation Anchor Bolt, Uljabuouda, Sweden.

Products used: Macalloy 1030 Post Tensioning Bar

Background: The Uljabuouda on-shore Windfarm was a project completed in 2009. It consists of a total of 10 3MW WinWinD turbines which are supported with Macalloy 1030 Post Tensioning Bar. The station was one of the first cold weather pilot windfarms in the world to be constructed and, the first windfarm Macalloy supplied.  The 10 Turbines sit 780 meters above sea level and coupled with the icy wind speeds at 8.4meters per second, it provides a challenging climate to test de-icing systems on the blades which span 49.5 meters in length. Winter temperatures frequently  drop to below minus 20 degrees.
The Turbines provide enough power to supply 3,000 households.

Macalloy involvement : Macalloy 40mm bars are used as anchor bolts within the anchor cage in the foundation. 136 bars at approximately 2.6 metres long were supplied to each wind turbine to secure the base, using Denso/ PVC tape for corrosion protection.

Thanks to for supplying the photos showing it’s construction and completion.

Wind turbine Uljabuouda Sweden
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