Valiyazheekkal, Kerala India Bridge Macalloy tension bars
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Valiyazheekkal, Kerala India Bridge

Products in use: Macalloy supplied M85 Galvanised Tension Bars and chambered couplers.

Generic Background: South India’s longest three Bowstring bridge spanning the Kayamkulam Lake, in Kerala, is 1229 meters long.

It’s Asia’s largest tension steel bar concrete bowstring bridge and painted in the same orange and cream colours of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Macalloy Tension Bars, support the bridge deck from the arches.

Macalloy Involvement: Special couplers were required due to the limited access during installation. The tendons were too long to install in one session. Macalloy’s engineering team designed a bespoke coupler which enabled the upper bar of the tendon to be installed first, during which the lower bar was connected to the bottom of the coupler. A standard coupler would require the bar to be rotated which was not feasible while the bar was being lifted into place. The chambered coupler can be rotated to give the connection, solving this problem.

Valiyazheekkal, Kerala India Bridge Macalloy tension bars

Year 2022

Location Kerela

Country India

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