Bratislava Airport Bratislava, Slovakia, macalloy
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Bratislava Airport Bratislava, Slovakia

Products used: Macalloy Tension Bars/Tension Rods

Background: The replacement terminal rebuilt in 2012 provides a larger operational area, which includes up-to-date handling and security technologies, improved passenger flow and greater comfort for passengers throughout the larger retail area. Capacity of passengers has now increased from 2.5 million to 5 million.

Macalloy involvement: Macalloy tie rods are used throughout the airport. Tension rods are used as wind bracing within the roof structure, to tension the steel structure supporting the glass façade, and to suspend the front canopy.

Installation and stressing of the tension bars were undertaken by Macalloy’s partner for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Tension Systems.

1. Bratislava Airport Bratislava, Slovakia







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