Porto International Airport Portugal Macalloy Tie Rods and Tie Bars WS Atkins
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Porto International Airport, Portugal

Products used: Macalloy Tie Rods and Tie Bars

Background: The complicated yet creative design, by WS Atkins, of the five central skylights in the roof of the main terminal building provided a perfect opportunity for ICQ to combine its strong engineering knowledge, with its sharp eye for innovative solutions.

Porto airport features five glazed skylights that are supported with a steel structure incorporating painted Macalloy tie rods. Each skylight is 40 metres long and 15 metres wide. The use of Macalloy tendons helped minimize the steelwork effect and aided the architectural finish.

Macalloy involvement: In addition, the roof structure is a large steel arch structure which is tensioned using Macalloy tie rods. The tie bars are painted white to match those in the glass façade.







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