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The Renault Distribution Centre, Swindon, UK

Products used: Tensions Structures and Tension Rods

Background: Macalloy’s First Tension Structures Building

The Renault Centre is a cutting-edge structure that was commissioned by the French automobile manufacturer in 1982 for use in the company’s operations in the United Kingdom. The design, which was created by Norman Foster & Associates, served as a model for architects who wanted to design structures without any internal columns yet utilise the advantages of a stayed roof design.  

The roof has a striking appearance because to the multi-coloured masts and the arching steel beams that serve as support for the roof. 

 Macalloy tension bars have been used to secure the external support columns to the ground, while Macalloy rods were installed in suspending the roof structure. The structure has a number of bays that are each 24 metres square . The layout eliminates the requirement for pillars or columns to provide support, which makes it possible to maximize the amount of space available in the enormous warehouse.   

This architectural design was the first of its kind known to Macalloy. 

Acknowledgement to Richard Davies the the Photograph







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