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Waterloo Station, London, UK

Products used: Tensions Bar, Structural Bracing, Compression Struts M76,M64,M56 & M42

Background: Waterloo Station in London is an important terminus on the National Rail system serving the British Capital. It has access to the huge London tube system and is linked to a wide variety of other transportation options. Waterloo Station opened in 1848 and has undergone significant expansion since its inception, including serving as the initial destination for the Eurostar between 1994 and 2007. However, after a strategic decision was made to transfer the Eurostar to St Pancras station , the international platforms became redundant .In 2018 the whole area was redesigned and incorporated into the main station . Part of this this refurbishment included a new roof structure and the project has enabled increased capacity for one of Britain’s busiest stations.







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