Macalloy Atrio Villach, Villach, Austria Glulam Structures
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Atrio Villach, Villach, Austria

Products used: Macalloy Architectural Tension Bars

Background: ATRIO Villach is a modern shopping mall with and abundance of boutiques, and restaurants. It’s been credited with many awards including International Design and development award in 2008 as the world’s most innovative shopping centre, and in 2009 it was honoured as the world’s most sustainable shopping centre.

It has a vast catchment area for potential customers given its geographical location being close to both the Italian, and Slovenian borders. It’s constructed over three levels and protected by a huge glass and Glue- Laminated timber beamed roof, designed to span 50 by 60 meters.

Macalloy involvement: Macalloy tension rods were used to tension the beams on the atrium roof . The special curved appearance of the tendons required a bespoke coupler designed by Macalloy engineers. The design was achieved by using a technique of first cutting the coupler in half, profiling it to match the angle required, re- welded, which then created the impression of a curve in the steel. 

Macalloy Atrio Villach, Villach, Austria Glulam Structures
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