02 Dome Prague, Czech Republic Tie Bars, Tie Rods
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02 Dome Prague, Czech Republic

Products in use: Macalloy tie rods.

Background: A leading European Arena located 10km outside of Prague. Its modern facilities and technology have a capacity of 20,000 spectators.
Macalloy involvement: Tie Bars are used to tension the lightweight steel truss roof which has a span of 135m. After the initial design stage, the roof had to undergo a re-design as part of cost-saving measures.
The original thick section steel truss roof was re-designed to a thinner section steel truss roof, tensioned with Macalloy Tie Rods around a central wheel. This saved around 400 tonnes of materials and reduced the roof weight by about 30%. This re-design and other cost savings enabled the project to be completed.

Macalloy tension bars






Czech Republic


Vladimir & Martin Vokaty

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