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Lachlan’s Line Bridge, Sydney

Lachlan’s Line pedestrian and cycle bridge is an award-winning helical-shaped steel structure, bright blue in colour and 178m in length, that connects the Macquarie Park precinct to North Ryde station in Sydney.

Lachlan’s Line was announced by the NSW Government in 2013, with the purpose of transforming a disused industrial site into a sustainable development for the local community. As well as the bridge, the development includes residential apartments, retail spaces, open spaces, parks and playgrounds. It was also designed to create a memorable landmark for the region, and to give users the engaging and unique experience of “walking through a sculpture”.

The bridge uses flat-plate steel construction and weighs 335 tonnes in total, with the steel fabricated by S&L Steel in Glendenning.

This unique, geometrically-irregular bridge required a 100-year design life with minimum maintenance work, which pushed the Macalloy team to innovate and use high grade Inconel alloy pins and special stainless spherical bearings to comply with the stringent requirements.

The recently inaugurated pedestrian and cycle bridge includes Duplex Stainless Steel Macalloy M76 and M90 Compression Struts that form part of this one-of-a-kind double helix structure.








Arup & KI Studio Architects

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