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Twin Sails Bridge, Poole 2020

Twin Sails Bridge is the first bridge of its type to be built in the world. Its unique triangular-shaped lifting leaves reflect Poole’s proud maritime and industrial heritage.

When the bridge is up, the two lifting leaves symbolise the sails of a yacht and offer different views from every position along the quayside, from a sailing symbol to the spire of a cathedral. In its lowered position, the bridge offers stunning views across the natural beauty of Holes Bay.

Constructed by HOCHTIEF (UK) Construction Ltd, the bridge has an overall length of approximately 139m which includes a central opening span of 23.4m between main bearings and two approach spans of approximately 27m.

To permit the unrestricted passage of shipping, the lift spans are pivoted through 88 degrees by two hydraulic rams to provide a clear channel width of 19m between the faces of fenders of the main piers when in the open position.

Macalloy are proud to be involved in the construction of this iconic bridge, supplying 1030 Post Tensioning Bars in stainless steel 75mm.






United Kingdom


Wilkinson Eyre

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