Macalloy Architectural Tension Bars and Compression Struts Provide Bracing for High Rise Office Building in London, UK

A series of Macalloy architectural products were used for the construction of this high rise building. From Macalloy tension bars / tie rods to architectural adjustable compression struts.

Macalloy tension bars were used throughout this iconic London office complex, consisting of three high rise towers. The tie bars were used in a cross bracing application to provide structural support to the steel structure.

In addition Macalloy’s architectural adjustable compression struts were used for bracing at ground level where potential compressive forces were to be encountered.

The tension bars were stressed on site by Macalloy’s own site services team using Macalloys tie bar tensioning device, the TechnoTensioner, which allows for simple tensioning of tie rods.

Architect - Richard Rogers Partnership

Contractor - Kajima Laing joint venture

Engineer - Arups

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Mordovia Stadium Saransk

Macalloy in Russia

Macalloy is proud to have been involved in 4 of the stadiums due to host FIFA Worldcup games in Russia. Pictured is Mordovia Arena in Saransk. Macalloy has provided galvanised M48 tension bars, turnbuckles and connection discs to help support the roof. The first match their will be held on 16th June.



Arc by Crown, Sydney, Australia

Arc by Crown, Sydney, Australia

Arc by Crown, are luxury apartments in Sydney, Australia, designed by globally renowned architect Koichi Takada. Residents will enjoy panoramic views from the two glass steel towers that soar high into the Sydney skyline. Over 300 Macalloy Stainless 520 M42 Tendons have been used to help support the roof.



Macalloy Site Services .JPG

Site Services

Macalloy can provide support for installation and stressing of all our products. Site services support includes equipment hire, training of site personnel to install and tension bars and on site installation.

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