5-star review for the team at Macalloy


Advice and support are part of our core values at Macalloy but, it is always great to know that it makes a difference to our customers, and they value our service.

The Macalloy team were delighted to invite our customer Group Industrial Ltd, to the factory to assist with a technical issue relating to thread engagement.

On this occasion Chris Jayeoba and Mark Ellis demonstrated in the Macalloy factory, how to correctly set up the bars and fittings, concentrating specifically on thread engagement. Using a 4 metre long M36 tension rod, it was clearly explained how to calculate the thread engagement in the fitting based on the number of threads left on the bars, under the lock cover. This varies based on the fittings and the diameter of the system, so it is crucial to understand the principles behind this to ensure correct installation.

Steve De Halle, Project Manager from Group Industrial UK Ltd said:

“A massive thank you to you and the works team who so happily accommodated Group Industrial when we visited you for technical advice regards the correct installation of the system, we are using…the demonstration and advise we got from your team were invaluable. Thank you and will certainly pass on to our customers how professional Macalloy is, and the professional advice we received from you.“

The Macalloy site team are available for on or off-site technical advice and will support your project throughout its construction. Give us a call +44 (0)1909 519 200 on or email technical@macalloy.com