Celebrity link to Macalloy founder


When we launched Macalloy’s new website and branding in November 2021, we wanted to find out more about the early days of Macalloy. A few visits to the library and a genealogy search on the three founders revealed this exciting celebrity link.

Edwin Llewellyn Raworth was born on 21st April 1899 in Harrogate. War records show he served in the Royal Airforce for a brief period in 1918 before moving into the iron and steel rolling business and founded McCalls (Macalloy) in Sheffield in 1921.

In 1942, Edwin and his wife Edna Mary had a son, Richard. Records show that Richard Raworth married Jennifer J Nicholl in Worksop in 1966. In 1968, they had a baby girl named Sophie. Sophie is now a well know BBC journalist and presenter.

Cliffe Beevers a valued past employee, worked at Macalloy from 1955- 2001 and joined when Edwin Raworth owned and managed the Drawing Office. He worked with him for six years before Edwin died in 1961.