Macalloy our early roots in 1921

As a company, we have survived one world war, several regional wars, and countless recessions both in the UK and around the world – but we have adapted and evolved to meet those challenges. Macalloy first began life at the centre of steel production in Sheffield/ Rotherham at the Templeborough site – now an industrial heritage museum.

Sheffield had experienced a massive expansion in both heavy and light steel trades between 1891-1911. Steel was the dominant industry in Sheffield. Employment was high and engineering roles had increased by 80%. There were 193 firms in Sheffield who refined and manufactured steel, 41 firms who rolled and forged steel, plus 33 foundries. However, the after the first world war unemployment was high in 1921, and a difficult climate to start a business.

However, McCall&Co (now known as Macalloy) did exactly that. Its success in the early years, appears to be attributed in part to the expanding concrete trade, where steel bars were in high demand and used for reinforcement.

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Advertisement for McCall and Co. (Sheffield) Ltd, Templeborough

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