Macalloy 550 Bar System

Macalloy are proud to announce the launch of our new Mac550 Architectural Tension System. Available in both Carbon and Stainless in an increased range of diameters adding M70/80/95 M110/120mm to the existing range.

Macalloy 550
Carbon System.

Over the years MACALLOY has supported engineers in providing innovative solutions to suit static, quasi static or fatigue loaded applications. With the New Mac550 system Macalloy can offer a higher capacity system with significant cost savings and a wider range of diameters.

Macalloy Tensile products can deal with the demanding work life of the new generation of multi-purpose bridges.

Macalloy is committed to buying ‘green steel’ in order to help our environment and reduce carbon emissions, our manufacturing process is based on recycled steel scrap and a Nordic fossil-free electricity mix. As a result, the carbon footprint of our steel bar is a full 80 percent lower than the global average.

Benefits of the new
Mac550 Architectural
Tension System.

The new Mac550 offers a higher yield and ultimate strength system than the Mac460/520 in both stainless and carbon.

The new Mac550 system is lighter and easier to install due to the reduced bar diameter.

The Mac550 system also utilises the Macalloy TechnoTensioner solution for “in line” tensioning pretensions loads in Tensile Bars as well as load monitoring post installation.

Macalloy has an extensive fleet of jacking equipment designed to meet most requirements and can design bespoke equipment for specialist applications. Macalloy Site Services team can offer stressing support, training, advice and supervision.

The new Mac550 system can offer a reduced bar diameter and significant cost savings.

The new Mac550 now offers larger diameter sizes 110/120mm utilising rolled thread technology.

Corrosion protection is available on Macalloy Tie Rods. Macalloy can offer protection with a variety of different coatings for various environments such as hot dipped galvanising through to C2/C3 paint, powder coating and stainless steel in a range of finishes.

Contact a Macalloy agent today to discuss all things tension rods and architectural structure bars.

Doha International Airport

Otherwise known as ‘Hamad International Airport’ the New Doha International airport is the home of Qatar airlines, able to handle 29 million visitors per year. On this project Macalloy supplied stainless cables supporting the glass facades and stainless 24mm high grade tendons.

Our supply chain continues to expand via an international network of Macalloy agents and distributors, ensuring continued growth in the global market.