Macalloy Banff Elementary School, Alberta, Canada Glulam Structures
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Banff Elementary School, Alberta, Canada

Products used: Macalloy 520, M48 tension rods

Background: Of all the places to attend school, this surely must  be in one of the most picturesque sceneries in the world. The Banff Elementary school is in Alberta within the Canadian Rockies. The Canadian Rockies is home to several National Parks and Banff is also now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Rockies are known for their unique geology, glaciers, stunning landscapes, outdoor recreation and abundant wildlife.

Macalloy involvement: Macalloy 520 bars were used in the construction of the schools gymnasium roof . The glulam structure is designed here as a three-dimensional queen-post truss structure. A queen post is a tension member in a truss that can span longer than a king post truss and commonly uses two central supports rather than one. For this project Macalloy supplied custom designed butterfly node connectors. The butterfly plates are used when designs need a connection disc with a particularly low angle. For very low angles it’s unrealistic to use a disc, so butterfly plates are used to achieve the same effect, and have the advantage of using much less material. Macalloy cross couplers were used at rod intersections to achieve a uniform plane of nodes and intersecting rods. Used together, the exposed glulam beams and Macalloy products create a striking appearance.

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