Bently Heritage Distillery, Minden, Nevada, USA
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Bently Heritage Distillery, Minden, Nevada, USA

Products used: Tie rods and Cross couplers

Background: This stunning estate distillery is in Nevada, United States of America. The complex has been completely renovated using the original materials, and with sustainability as part of their vision, the buildings have been awarded a LEED Gold certificate level.
They are embracing both old and new techniques in their processes.
It has an old Flour Mill, used today as a Public House and Distillery. A creamery which processes locally grown products, a ranch malting facility, and two rickhouses that store the barrels. It produces vodka, gin whiskey, and liqueur.
The ranch is set on many acres of land and cultivates its own barley.
The project took five years to renovate and was awarded the American Institute of Architects Honor (AIA) in 2019.

Macalloy involvement: This was a great project to be involved in given it’s dedication to using sustainable materials and preserving original source materials. The timber beams which are used in construction are supported by Macalloy tie rods. A stunning example of how modern materials can blend in with older designs. Macalloy cross couplers have been used here to connect the tie bars that brace the structure. The cross couplers are in stainless steel, working in perfect contrast with the black coloured Macalloy bars. A unique way to combine colours against the timber frame.

introduction to glulam and timber structures








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