Macalloy Byens Bro Foot & Cycle Bridge, Denmark
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Byens Bro Foot & Cycle Bridge, Denmark 

Products in use: Macalloy 460 Galvanised Tendons 

Background: This Cycling and pedestrian bridge provides a link between central Odense and the harbour development. This beautiful award-winning bridge has a stunning 30 metre pylon in mirrored finished steel. In 2015 it received the European Steel Design Award of Merit and a prize for “Beautiful buildings and structures from the city of Odense .

Macalloy involvement: . Macalloy 460 Galvanised Tendons have been used on the 40-meter high pylon to support the mast.The high lustre polished steel tendons make it a distinctive feature of Odense.








Gottlieb Paludan

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