Stadium Zaglebia Lubin Poland, Macalloy Tension Bars, Macalloy tension bars, stayed roof structures, over steel pylons, floodlights, tie rods, anchored points
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Stadium Zaglebia, Lubin, Poland

Products in use: Macalloy Tension Bars
Background: This new stadia was re-built on the site of the former stadium.
Macalloy involvement: The stayed roof structure is suspended with Macalloy tie rods and anchored back to the ground over steel pylons. This is then double up as anchor points for the floodlights. The floodlights were also tied back to the steel pylons using Macalloy tension bars.

Macalloys partner in Poland, BBR Polska, provided on-site training and supervision for the local contractors who undertook the stressing of the bars.

Macalloy Tension Bars Stadium Zaglebia Lubin Poland
Macalloy tension bars







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