Voldijk fietsburg Bridge , Tilburg Netherlands
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Voldijk fietsburg Bridge, Tilburg Netherlands 

Products in use : Macalloy Tension Bars

Background : Steel, Cycling and pedestrian bridge which is used by approximately 4,000 people a day. Designed to be slender and modest and spans 103 meters.

Macalloy involvement : The Voldijk fietsbrug suspension bridge is incredibly unique in the way it utilises Macalloy Tension Bars within its structure.

This design uses tension bars for what is generally known as the main cable and the hangers, using a network of butterfly plates to connect tension bars at varying angles to achieve a catenary aesthetic to the bars and achieve the relevant load requirements of a cable suspension bridge. The use of tension bars can have several advantages over using cables in this application including providing greater stiffness, having shorter lengths to aid installation and is often a more cost-effective solution to using cable.

Voldijk fietsburg Bridge , Tilburg Netherlands







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