The Benefits of Using Galvanised Steel and Tension Bar Systems

Tension bar systems and other types of tension rods are widely used and have a variety of applications, from canopies, to suspended structures, to bridges. They have many different benefits and can be supplied in a range of materials, ensuring they meet the requirements of a particular project. Learn about the benefits of using tension bar systems and why galvanised steel systems or lightweight carbon can be beneficial to choose.

What are the benefits of tension bar systems?

The popularity of tension bar systems has been growing since the 1980s as they offer architects and construction professionals the opportunity to explore unique contemporary designs. There are now different types of tension bars, including lighter carbon and stainless bars, providing versatility and flexibility to designers.

These are the key benefits of using tension bar systems:

Fatigue resistant rolled thread

Fatigue resistance simple refers to the ability to withstand stress, which is essential in tension-reliant systems. Rolled thread is more fatigue resistant than other options, providing a great deal of strength for structures.

Contemporary appearance

Tensions bar systems are favoured by architects due to their simple, modern structure – they can help bring creative, forward-thinking designs to life.

Easy to install

Tension bars are lightweight and versatile – they are simple to install, and all products supplied by us will come with full guidance and support as needed.

These are the key benefits of choosing quality tension bar systems from Macalloy:

Tension bar systems are available in both carbon and stainless materials – various strengths can be specified to meet all needs:

All our products are compliant with European Technical Assessment (ETA) 21/0053.

All our tension bar products are CE compliant, demonstrating their conformity with European health, safety and environmental protection standards.

Bars and fittings can be supplied primed or painted, as well as hot dipped galvanised to BS1461:2009 standards.

Bespoke fittings can be designed to suit any application – our team will be happy to consult with you as required on tension bar systems and fittings.

We can provide technical literature that includes design calculations and loadings to EC3.

Choosing Galvanised Steel Tension Bar Systems

All Macalloy tension structures are available in carbon and stainless steel. Lighter stainless bars have a range of applications, including lightweight canopy facades and suspended structures.

Galvanised coatings can be applied to tension bar systems – bars can either be supplied primed and ready to paint, or hot dip galvanised. All fittings are supplied galvanised for their protection and to avoid rusting.

We offer a range of tension structures to meet all your needs and can talk to you about the various options, helping you find the right solution for any project. We are world-leading experts in our field – please get in touch with us and we will be happy to guide you through the ordering process, partnering with you to find the best galvanised steel and tension bar systems to meet your needs.