Brexit and Covid-19 are no match for the strength of Macalloy

We supply to every corner of the world and through our strategically located distributors and agents, we have the ability to serve the needs of even the most remote clients quickly and efficiently – directly from our Sheffield-based manufacturing facility.

Holding enough stock to meet global demand is no mean feat, but this focus on customer requirements is at the heart of Macalloy’s ethos and consequently a key part of our success.

The past year has been a period of instability for most, but thankfully we have been able to continue strengthening our market position with new and innovative product launches, a continuous supply of material and strengthening of our relationships with our partners. Although politically, borders have been redrawn, with the UK withdrawing from the European Union, Brexit has had relatively little impact on the company’s daily activities. The bonds of friendship and relationships forged many years ago with our European and global partners are stronger now than ever.

There is no denying that the impact of Covid-19 has been problematic for many businesses. With local and national lockdowns, project delays and interruption to what was considered ‘normal business’, we’ve all been forced to adopt new ways of working – embracing technology to meet daily challenges, launching webinars and conducting meetings in an online format.

In testing times, people and businesses need to pull together for the greater good. With this in mind, Macalloy worked with local business leaders to help local hospitals with the supply of PPE when supplies were impossible to source. We simply did what we considered to be our social duty, helping those in need. Fortunately, our business has been relatively unaffected, with Macalloy posting a strong finish to 2020, and halfway through 2021, we’re pleased to see the effective vaccination rollout and the imminent return to relative normality.

This year, Macalloy is celebrating its centenary, a year which will be one of celebration but also reflection. Our ability to adapt to ever-changing market conditions is going to be key to our success in years to come. As such, we will continue to build on our strong market position and further develop our principles of experience, innovation and quality which have been pivotal to our success over the last 100 years.