Macalloy Balcony Hanger Solutions

Tension Bars in Balconies Balcony Hangers can add an alternative feature to balconies, allowing potentially slender decks to be used. With a polished stainless solution, galvanised carbon painted or unpainted finish, Macalloy bars offer an aesthetic addition to any structure, providing a cost effective solution for heavy decking and thicker slabs. Coupled with the easy fixing architectural fork, the whole system gives a unique solution that is easy to install, robust and yet aesthetic in appearance.

Tension Bars in Balconies Macalloy Tension Bars are available in 460 and 520 carbon or stainless steel, with a variety of aesthetic and anti-corrosion finishes. Macalloy Bars are specified in accordance with BSEN10204:2004, meaning that we are approved to supply to buildings with more than 15 floors and large area roof structures overhanging places of public assembly. Using our unique inline techno-tensioner engineers can tension the bars in situ offering many possibilities in structural design to add very precise loads to a structure.

Take a look at the Merano Residency in London which uses Macalloy Balcony Hangers