Nordic Fastening Group visit Macalloy  

Photo of Camerson Hudson and Peter Hoy from Macalloy meeting Sam Ganguly from Nordic Fastening in Macalloy reception area

We thoroughly enjoyed having Sam Ganguly visit Macalloy. For 26 years, Sam has marketed, sold, and supported steel construction products like tension rods, threaded rods, and SB bolts for Nordic Fastening Group AB ( NFGAB) 

The visit to Macalloy’s production plant was impressive. It was great to meet the team and see the scale of the company’s operation. 

Due to Macalloy’s vast product range, experience, quality, and flexibility, NFGAB’s product line will be strengthened by the collaboration. In Sweden, Norway, Finland, and the Baltics, NFGAB will distribute Macalloy’s products.  

It’s fantastic that Macalloy tension rods and compression rod systems are now available in TEKLA, which benefits the company and designers and architects who can use them in their designs.